Thursday, March 10, 2016

Intro to Java: Topic 01 - Overview

Topic 01: Java Overview & Setup, contains general information about the background of programming languages and computers along with basic information about some of Java's most fundamental features.
This topic also provides you with step by step instructions on how to setup your computer for programming in Java and get started writing your first program which prints a line of text out to a console window.

Primary Objectives

  1. To understand the basics of how computers work
  2. To understand how the Java Virtual Machine works
  3. To setup the JDK and Eclipse for Java Development
  4. To learn how to use the standard output stream to print text to a console

Prerequisites and Required Materials

You should have the following skills and resources before beginning this series.
  • Algebra Skills
    • You only need very basic math and algebra skills in order to program. Any advanced mathematical concepts required to create programs will be discussed in detail.
  • Computer
    • You need a reliable computer running Mac, Windows, or Linux. You must have administrator privileges so you can install software.
  • Internet
    • Reliable internet access is required in order to download the free programming software.
  • Basic Computer Skills
    • You should have a fairly good understanding of how to use your computer. Know how to install software and use your PC's file manager.


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